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Ocean in a Bottle

This is a throw back to 2014 when my oldest was actually "little"...I recently re-did my site and found some older blogs so here's to cute memories!

My little mermaid’s birthday is in June… and she’s already planning her “sea creature party” -We did a mermaid theme for her 3rd so she’s coming up with inventive ways to have another party where she can dress up as a mermaid. She currently has three different party ideas so we’ll see. To reel her in from running around the house pretending to be a mermaid splashing in the waves while blowing bubbles IN-THE-HOUSE…. I decided it was time for a craft!

Due to my limited access of materials at the time I decided we could do an  Ocean in a Bottle Craft!

It’s really easy to make and most of the time you probably already have all the materials in the house! It’s super fun for the kids and it’s also a little science project, where they might just learn something while being entertained for quite sometime staring into their mini ocean!

First you gather your supplies:

A bottle (I had a really cool glass bottle from Martinelli's Apple Cider but any plastic bottle works great too!)

Oil (This can be baby oil or regular cooking oil. It’s the same but I noticed if you are making your water blue the cooking oil, being yellow does a cool blending effect of a green tint when the bubbles form.)

Food coloring It can be any color you want. (Check out these new Color Fizzers though! They're super fun and 1 tablet of Steve Spangler's Color Fizzers can color up to 1 liter of water!)

Your “sea creatures” you can add anything you want that fits inside the bottle neck!

Once you have gathered all your supplies you can start by adding the water. If you search online, some people have exact measurements although because it depends on your bottle size basically you’re going to need to put 3 parts water to 1 part oil.

Keep in mind the water and oil won’t mix obviously, so if the “sea creatures” are going to sink then they will fall down into the water part…but if they’re extremely light then they might just float on top in the oil part! I gauged my water:oil ratio by eye depending on how much space the “sea creatures” needed depending where they ended up floating. In other words you could add more oil if you want, which gives the "waves" effect... I used 1/4 oil but the most important thing is to have fun experimenting together!

Start by adding the water… your color of choice…then your sea creatures…

Next add the oil, close tightly and you have an ocean!

Now we have a super happy child all excited to analyze the way her little ocean works for hours! (=Happy Mom!)

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